Innovation management

Business model that drives and welcomes new processes that transform its own activity and strengthen innovation ecosystems in society.

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Innovation Management

In recent years, we have expanded our activities in research, development and innovation to advance in increasingly sustainable applications for our products, in search of natural and biodegradable barriers to meet the demands of conscious consumption.

Initiatives aimed at restricting the use of single-use plastic – such as the Chinese government’s recent plan to combat pollution arising from this product – have drawn attention from the packaging industry. In this scenario, Klabin once again stands out as a benchmark in sustainable production alternatives. Our challenge is to offer solutions that do not harm the environment and are economically feasible for our customers.

The innovation strategy is to access a global network of ecosystems and contacts, formed by startups, organizations, universities, associations, investors, among others, capable of strengthening our initiatives on this front. Some of the strategic pillars that guide Klabin’s vision and strategy include:

Operational excellence – Constant striving for operational excellence through a process of continual improvement, technological advances, and skilled personnel.

Sustainable management – Be recognized worldwide for its sustainable management (evolutionary and ongoing process);

Operational Excellence – Constantly seek operational excellence through continuous improvement, technological enhancement and skilled personnel;

Co-created design – Co-create solutions for Klabin products and services that streamline people’s lives in a sustainable manner;

Forest technology and fibers – Develop highly productive forests, maximizing existing businesses and breaking new ground;

Barriers – Develop barriers based on our fibers – primarily renewable and biodegradable – for application in pulp-based and/or other products. Learn more.

The year 2020 saw the consolidation of Klabin’s open innovation practices on several fronts, based on the following indicators:

  1. 1,200 startups in the company’s active database;
  2. 364 startups contacted during the year;
  3. 45 solutions in progress during 2020;
  4. 19 PoCs (proofs of concept) in progress;
  5. 4 PoCs completed (3 approved and 1 rejected);
  6. 27 challenges launched (7 Plug and Play, 6 Klabin stand alone, 8 Senai, 3 AHK, 1 Auspin, 1 Acate, 1 SOSA/CNI);
  7. Plant your Idea: 594 ideas submitted and roll out for all units;
  8. Klabin LAB: 2 editions;
  9. Klabin+U: 6 challenges (IXL Innovation, HackinRio, UTFPR, Poli/USP);
  10. Promotional initiatives: 3 challenges with Fapesp, Finep and IPT;
  11. Co-creation with customers in progress: BASF+Voith+Siemens, Tetra Pak and Suvinil;
  12. Development of the official startup contracting process together with internal areas;
  13. “100% circular territory” project underway in partnership with HUB Incríveis, with a focus on Telêmaco Borba;
  14. Valor Inovação 2020 ranking, ranked 24th (we climbed 69 positions compared to 2019);
  15. Activation of ecosystems from various locations worldwide (Finland, Austria, Belgium, Israel, U.S., Canada, and Netherlands).

For the second consecutive year, Klabin ranked third among the five most innovative companies in the “Chemistry, Paper and Pulp” category of the Valor Inovação Brasil 2020 Award. In addition, the company was ranked 24th among the 150 most innovative companies in Brazil.

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