StakeholderENGAGEMENT INITIATIVESFrequencyEngagement resultsTopics and concerns raised
EmployeesMeetings or direct contact; intranet; Daily Safety Dialogues (DDS)DailyPositive relationships, no conflictsMeeting labor demands (wages, benefits and improving work environment infrastructure); ensuring health and safety in the workplace; training and development; career plan
Customers  Contact by phone and e-mail; audits; technical visits; presence of the Klabin team at the customer’s facilities (occasional) Customer PortalDaily and on demandPositive relationships, insights for innovative solutions and increased transparencyProduct quality; price reduction; meeting deadlines; technical assistance; innovation and development of new solutions; transparency in the relationship
SuppliersContact by phone and e-mail; negotiation meetingsDaily and on demandPositive relationships, long-term contracts and established partnershipsRevenue (within the deadline); compliance with the terms of the contract; expansion of products offered and units served; higher market value.
Regulatory bodiesContact by phone and e-mail; Contact by phone and e-mail; submission of online forms; Investor Report Financial statements; investor portal;Daily and on demandPositive relationships, long-term contracts and established partnershipsPayment of taxes and fees; job and income generation; support for social projects; compliance with legislation, standards and technical standards; improving the relationship to a more frequent and consolidated partnership  
InvestorsMeetings or direct contact; IR website; periodic information disclosed by the CV; capital market events; visits to operating units  DailyPositive, mostly long-term relationships Insights, suggestions, recommendations and complaints are referred to ManagementEvolution of results and prospects, understanding Klabin’s markets, long-term strategy
CommunitiesCommunication Channels (e-mail, hotlines, letters, interaction with field employees); face-to-face meetings; annual survey with communities  DailyClose and transparent relationships, open for complaints, suggestions and compliments. Engagement with communities for the management and mitigation of impacts throughDirect impacts on people’s daily lives, related to vehicle traffic associate with operations, traffic accidents, noise, odor and dust generation, interference in the use of water, shading in agricultural crops, absence or material damage to fences and borders.