Forest certification

Sustainable production and consumption of wood, strengthening rural landowners’ productive capacities for responsible forest management.

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Forest Certification management

The Company values ​​certifications awarded by independent organizations that guarantee quality, attest to the credibility of our products and reaffirm our commitment to continuous improvement, in addition to ratifying the best social and environmental responsibility practices that we adopt in our processes and products.

Our certifications confirm the pioneering spirit of the Company in its search to meet the needs of the customers, anticipating market trends. We were the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to receive an FSC® certification for our forest areas in 1998 and the first in the world to have non-timber forest products certified, ensuring the origin of the raw material used in the manufacturing of our products.

In 2017, the Paraná forestry unit also achieved the CERFLOR certification (Brazilian Forest Certification Program), accredited by Inmetro and internationally recognized by PEFC.

This commitment extends throughout the production chain, since we also encourage rural producers in the Forestry Development program to obtain certification through the Small and Medium Producers Certification Program, whose methodology was adapted to the local context by the certifying body and support from the Company, in addition to encouraging other wood suppliers to get certified.

Percentage of own and purchased wood for the process

Percentage of FSC®-certified wood purchased from third parties29%
Percentage of FSC®-controlled wood purchased from third parties 13%
Percentage of FSC®-certified own wood58%

Own areas certified

The certification process has been historically consolidated in the forestry units, and the Organization continues to obtain excellent performance results in its third-party audits.

The FSC® certification program for wood suppliers has been positively impacting the production chain, driving exponential growth in areas of the certification groups. Along with the company’s own forest areas, the certified suppliers contributed to the entry of around 70% of the certified raw material during the year 2020, guaranteeing a percentage beyond that required by the certification.

Third-party audits recognize the continuous evolution of the quality of operational processes and compliance with relevant laws and standards.

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  • RR-FM-160a.1

Chain of Custody and internal audits

In addition to the Company’s compliance with the principles of FSC® certification for its own areas, these strict international wood control standards are applied throughout the wood supply chain, and periodic audits conducted by an externally accredited team evaluate the Chain of Custody standards, which ensures the competence of the traceability system. This due diligence system assesses documentary issues in 100% of wood suppliers. In addition, a robust system of internal audits is responsible for field checks. Technical guidance occurs continuously, strengthening the knowledge of the production chain on aspects of forest sustainability and guiding them in the certification of their properties.

  • RR-PP-430a.1
  • RT-CP-430a.1

Percentage of wood-based raw materials certified to a responsible purchasing standard

Percentage of wood-based raw materials certified69%

Percentage of raw materials from certified suppliers

ATFS CertificationNo data
FSC® Certifications for Forest Management and Chain of Custody69%
PEFC Chain of Custody CertificationsNot applicable
PEFC-endorsed forest certification systemsNot applicable
SFI Forest Management and Chain of Custody CertificationsNot applicable
Total (cannot exceed 100%)69%
  • RR-PP-430a.1

Percentage of wood-based materials without third party certification, but meeting other fiber supply standards

(% of total wood purchased)31%
(% of total wood used in the process)13%

*Data on Controlled Wood, which follows the FSC® precepts

Percentage of wood-based materials without third party certification by supply standard

FSC® Controlled Wood31%
SFI Fiber Sourcing Standard
PEFC Controlled Sources76%
Others (specify)

The percentage of PEFC-controlled wood is explained by the fact that FSC®-certified wood purchased is included in the Cerflor process as controlled wood. In this case, 100% of wood purchased from suppliers in PR is wood controlled for Cerflor.

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  • RR-FM-160a.1

Forest areas owned, leased or managed by the Organization certified by a third party

Forest areas with third-party certificationAcres       1,254,593.06hectares    507,715.80
Percentage of own forest areas verified under the certification standards (%)%100%

In 2021, 13 leaders (from consultants to managers, which represent 2% of them) who are responsible for addressing the theme in the company managed to develop variable compensation tied to the company’s Forest certification goals.