Klabin’s culture

Authentic model devised by Klabin to align appreciation and care for the people with economic growth, the highest levels of productivity and job satisfaction.

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Klabin’s cultural evolution relies on the following drivers: vision of the whole, collaboration, good conversations, autonomy, meritocracy, agility, respect/diversity, recognition, innovation, digital and customer, which are fundamental to propagate our aspiration to be a humanized meritocratic company and achieve the desired results.

Apart from all the adversities of the year 2020, we adapted to continue doing our work with attention to performance, quality in deliveries and placing the health and safety of employees at the center of decisions. Cultural actions in 2020 that stand out include: culture video with lessons from the pandemic, showing how we connect our drivers in this period for all employees; culture podcast for all employees; culture webinar with a conversation panel for coordinators and specialists; meetings with the Executive Board and the Managers Convention, which had an agenda dedicated to culture. These and other actions sought to guide the Company towards a meritocratic and humanized culture.

People management policies and strategies provide continuous learning for employees throughout their careers, stimulate innovation, promote diversity and the culture of valuing life, through a safe and healthy environment. As a result we have seen a growth of 15% in managers’ perception of evolution in Klabin’s culture. This was apparent during the Managers’ Convention held in 2020, when 81% gave scores of between 8 and 10 to the affirmation: “On a scale from 1 to 10: I notice that the Klabin Culture is evolving in 2020 in the same direction which is desired”.

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In addition to these advances, we acquired five units from the corrugated board packaging and packaging paper businesses, located in Paulínia (SP), Franco da Rocha (SP), Suzano (SP), Rio Verde (GO) and Manaus (AM), incorporating and welcoming approximately 1,700 new direct employees, considering their culture and particularities to promote process alignment. The integration was successful, showing care and respect for all, following a path of great learning and success.

In 2021, 33% of the executive directors currently have a variable compensation tied to Klabin’s Culture performance. Apart from them, 116 leaders (from consultants to managers, which represent 17% of them) also managed to develop variable compensation tied to the company’s specific goals.